Dr. Raghuprasad Varma

M.S Orth (Mumbai), Fcps, Dnb (Orth)

A spine surgeon of repute in the “twin cities” of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

Are you suffering from spine related pain?

With over 6000 successful surgeries complete, Dr. Raghuprasad Varma is one of the leading spine surgeon in navi mumbai, specialist and expert in spine surgery, serving in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area.
Complete Checkup

360° solutions for spine conditions, spine treatment options, prevention and safety

Comprehensive , Working Diagnosis

Thorough clinico radiological correlation to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

Patient Care

Treatment goals set on the basis of the patient as a whole taking into consideration the medical status and expectations

Treatment Options

Customised , relevant treatment options which is scientific and justifiable.

Optimize Results

Return back to functional work at the earliest with minimal disability is the aim

Straight Facts

The SPINE is a unique structural and functional unit of the human body that protects the sensitive spinal cord apart from providing flexibility and stability to the human form. The complex structure and multifaceted function superadded with the bipedal gait in human beings predisposes the spine to a number of diseases and disorders.

80% of people go through back pain at some point in their life! Hence the magnitude of the problem is significant compromising on large amount of productive Man Hours .There are a lot of Myths about Back Care Which leads to multiple options and too many controversies. There in lies the relevance of a correct evaluation and management of spine related cases. Back pain is a symptom and treating the underlying cause is the essence.

Most conditions can be treated with conservative (non operative) modalities
Those which fail these modalities need Interventions (Surgery)


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Sciatica/ Slipped Disc
Neck Pain Care
Spondilitis / Spondylosis